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australian essences

White light essences

This essence allows you to experience your emotional disharmony in order to be purified and released. Illuminate the conscious mind to reveal and begin to release the oldest and deepest karmic negative patterns.


This essence allows you to tune into the most subtle realms and vibrations. It fosters a strong connection, respect and reverence for nature, the ancient, the earth, the life force, life and its origins. It will help you stay focused, rooted, and find the direction to proceed with clarity and focus.


This essence can help open you to your oldest source, to the moment when the soul originally chose the life purpose for this incarnation on earth. It will help to have a sense of purpose and direction. In this way, you will feel inspired and motivated to follow the path of your life and fulfill your purpose.


Fear of harm to loved ones. Concern for them.

Higher Self

Help align and access your Higher Self. It channels energy of the highest order to you, from where it will radiate and expand.


It helps to contact and communicate with nature and to listen to the messages that the plant kingdom has for us. This essence helps you to tune into qualities such as the healing of the Devic kingdom and will help to root those who need it or are out of control, reconnecting them with nature. Helps calm those who are stressed, stuck in time, or feel disconnected.


This essence allows to have an approach with the Angelic realm. It helps us to be more open to receiving Angelic tones of inspiration, love, awareness, communication, guidance, and instructions that can lead us to a range of infinite potential possibilities in our lives. It helps bring the energy from the Heavens directly to Earth, uniting the two.