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OIA Therapy


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The healing therapies consist of a multidimensional practice, which I do as a light channel. It is a way of returning to ourselves and activating our capacity for self-healing through the help of the Light Beings and Mother Earth. In this way we can understand self-care and healing as the cultivation of a beautiful garden that lives within each of us, which we must constantly nurture.

The work consists of the connection that I make from a natural state that is multidimensionality, as quantum physics explains it.

Through that state I manage to access guided by my Teacher Juan de la Luz, the light comes through me and I can provide it to all beings that come to live this experience. The therapies are supported by flower essences, aromatherapy, sound therapy (sound healing), crystals, among others. Each session is carried out individually to nurture your interests and your system, with presence and connection to the pineal gland.

Everything is guided by the presence of the Divine power; thanks to this connection, the therapies allow you to move energy, cleanse, inspire transformation and accompany you in your process.